Patricia Skinner


I am an Inspirational / Traditional Christian singer.

I also have a Ministry called Patspraze Gospel Music specializing in Christian video content for cable TV outlets and streaming. 

I love to sing to the Lord and believe that inspirational songs need a voice. You can read more about me HERE


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user image 2015-03-11
By: Patricia Skinner
Posted in: Inspiration

I realize by the calendar that Spring isn't offically here, but today it sure feels like it.  I love Spring. Nature revives herself from her winters hybernation and springs forth with new life, new hope for recreation and the smells and colors of new beginnings...the birds return, singing praise for the new day, little buds burst forth on the trees with the promise of new leaves, new fruit. The grass returns from it's brown dormant state and shoots forth blades of green.

Just like Spring, my spirit now springs forth with new hope, regeneration after what seemed like an eternity of cold, dark, winter. Just like the birds my soul wants to burst out with song in praise for the refreshing God has brought into my life. I am ready to go forth into the world (or maybe just outside on my front porch) and breathe in the awesomeness of a new season, full of God's promises and hope for better things to come.  "O Lord My great thou art..."


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