Patricia Skinner


I am an Inspirational / Traditional Christian singer.

I also have a Ministry called Patspraze Gospel Music specializing in Christian video content for cable TV outlets and streaming. 

I love to sing to the Lord and believe that inspirational songs need a voice. You can read more about me HERE


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God Created Music! 

user image 2019-11-14
By: Patricia Skinner
Posted in: Inspiration
God Created Music! 

  God Created Music!  

All through the Bible you can read about it. God sent the musicians and the singers before the Israelites around the walls of Jericho.  The Book of Psalms is actually a book of songs.  When we are happy, we feel a “melody in our hearts.”

When we are perplexed or anxious, if we listen to soothing music or songs that have a positive message, we feel calm and uplifted. King Saul, when he was troubled with an evil spirit sent for A young man named David who could play skillfully on a harp. As David played his harp, the evil spirit departed from King Saul.

Down through the ages God has inspired men and women to write beautiful songs of praise to Him. These songs need a  voice,   especially today.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to sing.   Wherever I am: in my car, on the job, as I cradled my babies (and now my grand and great-grandbabies) I sing. I can’t help myself, it seems there is always a song or a medley in my heart and on my lips.

I am not an eloquent speaker, I get all tongue tied when I try to verbally express myself, but one day I discovered how easy it is to speak what is in my heart by the songs I sing. I may be singing someone else’s words, but the message comes from my heart.

Music and song in no way replaces the precious Word of God, but instead, compliments it and reinforces its message.

I want to use my  voice  as the instrument to share this message with those who are hurting or feeling lost or lonely; to show them through song the message of God’s love and Salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I also want to share with those who have a “melody in their hearts,” but don’t know the words to express their love for their Creator and Savior.


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